Papalimani Beach Bar & Restaurant


The amazing Papalimani offers a truly Thassian setting, a sandy bay with shallow, crystal-clear water surrounded by impressively green pine trees reaching up to the blue sky. It's the perfect place where you can relax and enjoy a lazy day at the beach and a fun night out, all in one place.

Papalimani Beach Bar & Restaurant is an all-day, all-night venue where the good food, drink, and fun is never in short supply. Here you can mingle with the laid-back locals, taste some delicious Greek cuisine, and drink until you're ready for some Greek dancing! Opa!

You'll quickly see why this has always been one of the most popular spots for locals in the north of Thassos, as well as for the lucky tourists who find this gem.

Experience the transformation between day and night and see for yourself that no time is a bad time to visit Papalimani, one of the liveliest summer beach bars and restaurants on Thassos island!

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