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Thalassa (which means "Sea" in Greek) is a seaside taverna next to the white sands of Golden Beach where you can try our mouth-watering food while listening to the waves and gazing into the deep blue horizon.

Pick from our specialties like fresh fish, grilled octopus or calamari (squid), fried or stuffed calamari, mussels, an assortment of pasta, souvlaki, meatballs, ribs from local lamb or goat, schnitzel, and many more seafood and meat dishes. We also serve delicious traditional Greek cuisine!

Greek Hospitality

Come have an unforgettable dining experience. Before your meal, we will welcome you with a complimentary glass of raki and a plate of olives (made in Thassos). After your meal, we will offer you a complimentary dessert of fruit or sweets.

Romantic Nights

Enjoy a romantic evening at our taverna with a glass of wine and a view of the beautiful moonrise! It's an incredible sight to see and share.


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